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Tips, Playbooks, 1 on 1 Coaching and More!


If you want and in-depth look at a specific playbook that our pros are running on offense or defense, then this is the plan for you! Playbook makes learning everything about a specific playbook easy. It gives you an in-depth look on how our pros maximize the plays in their favorite playbook.

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If you want Top Madden tips on a regular basis, then this is the plan for you! Monthly subscribers will receive access to a rich library of information that isn't available to others. We release content from a variety of playbooks. This includes offensive plays, defensive plays and our thought process behind them.

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If you find that you learn best with some instruction, then this is the package for you! With coaching, you can look through our extensive list of professional coaches and schedule a one-on-one session with them. This is the best way to learn Madden at a high level.

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